Estate Planning, Tax Planning, and Gift Tax Services

Elias Sellitti LLC employs a team approach throughout the planning process, engaging both the client and the client’s trusted advisors, to develop the most individually appropriate and comprehensive estate plan.

Our clients range from the young couple just beginning to think about estate planning who needs a relatively modest estate plan, to the ultra-wealthy corporate executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who need a full service estate, tax and business succession plan.

Custom Estate Planning Strategies

We speak with each client individually to assess his or her personal circumstances and develop with the client an estate plan uniquely designed to achieve that client’s specific and personal asset distribution and administration goals.

We regularly and routinely employ a complete range of estate planning strategies and techniques. A modest estate plan may include Wills, Advance Directives for Health Care and a Power of Attorney. A more intricate plan may further include lifetime gifts, with or without retained interests; sales to grantor trusts; gifts and bequests to public charities, charitable trusts and foundations ; generation-skipping and dynastic trusts; and transfers leveraged through the use of family entities eligible for valuation discounts, to achieve our clients’ distribution goals in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Custom Tax Planning Strategies

We work very closely with our clients and their professional advisors to develop and implement tax planning strategies designed to maximize the assets being passed to their selected beneficiaries by minimizing the state and federal death taxes that would otherwise be due upon death.

Continuing Relationships after Documents Are Signed

We remain engaged with our clients and their professional advisors after the planning documents are executed to ensure that the plan is respected and the intended benefits are fully realized. We also provide alerts to all our clients and allied professionals addressing substantive tax and legal developments that may affect clients’ estate planning.

Fixed and Flat Fee Estate Planning

We provide virtually all estate planning services on a fixed or flat-fee basis. Providing our services in this manner gives our clients the comfort of knowing the limits of their legal costs in the planning process.

John M. Elias, Esq. & Christine M. Sellitti, Esq.

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